22 - 23 April 2003

Zion and the green desert.

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The waterfall that trickles into the upper esmerald pool at Zion National Park.
A view into Zion Canyon.
A wild flower growing on the rock at Zion NP.
A view of Zion Canyon from (almost) atop Angel's Landing, one peak at Zion.
Angel's Landing at Zion NP. The trail goes somewhere in between the rocks. You can see a red dot. That's a crazy dutch tourist.
A view from Nevada back towards the peaks of the Colorado plateau near Lake Mead.
A weird plant growing in the desert in Nevada. It is covered in yellow strands that look like fisherman's nylon.
Red sandstone and a green desert floor make a strange combination.
The green desert. It was also covered with all sorts of flowers, but they're not visible in the picture.
Me with Lake Mead in the background.

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